Weekly Development Update Nov 29-Dec 3

The following is a weekly progress report from the HyperCash development team.

We have intiated HyperCash Development Plan V2.0 this month and are aiming to achieve HIGHER TPS than any other products in the market while ensuring the safety of the mainnet.

Key points of development and design:

1. Consensus mechanism

2. Block compression

3. P2P accelerate

4. Highly efficient storage engine

5. Smart Contract parser engine

6. Layer 2 Rollup multi chain system

V2.0 Current Progress:

  1. Plan of design and discussion in progress
  2. The consensus mechanism design is based on DAG model, this has already been in progress
  3. Commenced the development of block compression technology
  4. Development on engine with EVM Compatibility
  5. There is an issue with f2pool. HC official pool has been activated as contigency. The solution to allow other miners to participate in the official pool is currently under planning




The New Standard of Value

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The New Standard of Value

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