Weekly Development Update

08–14 March 2019

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The following is a weekly progress report from the HCASH development team. This report is divided in two parts: completed and ongoing work.

Our GitHub code can be found here: www.github.com/HcashOrg

Please note: code is being uploaded to GitHub progressively; if you find that something from this document is missing from a repository, please check back periodically.

Completed work:


  • Optimised code


  • Optimised code

Technical support

  • Conducted DApp research


  • Drafted a new proposal

HX core

  • Optimised default log print information
  • Fixed the bug that appears on Linux systems; starting after the software shuts down normally will trigger blockchain replay
  • Solved core dump problem that occasionally occurs when Windows restarts
  • Increased token contract performance

HX Indicator

  • Added K line feature
  • Fixed Config files


  • Removed old code from console command
  • Modified debugging status enumeration, centrally forwarding debug control commands

HX Tools

  • Added balance query feature to HX Decentralised Exchange
  • Added personal settings to HX Decentralised Exchange
  • Added announcement query feature to HX Decentralised Exchange

Ongoing work:


  • Adjust and develop mainnet parameters
  • Develop ASIC-resistant mining algorithm
  • Conduct tests for Linkable RingCT code


  • Development on block validation on ASIC resistant mining algorithm


  • Prepare for CNYT issuing
  • Modify the storage format of native contract
  • Develop BTM cross-chain code
  • Fix several new bugs

HX Indicator

  • Run tests for K line feature
  • Optimise trading history query feature
  • Optimise trading storage method


  • Run IDE and debugger integration test with RPC interface
  • Compile debugger on macOS systems

HX Tools

  • Design offline-chain matchmaking trade scheme
  • Add user asset deposit and withdrawal history query feature and integrate HX JS plugin
  • Integrate Announcement page with back-end
  • Integrate Markets page with back-end

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of the HCASH ecosystem.

To stay up to date with information, or to join our community, check out the following channels:

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Korean Telegram, Korean Announcements, KakaoTalk, Naver Blog

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