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28 September — 4 October 2018

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The following is a weekly progress report from the HCASH development team. This report is divided in two parts: completed and ongoing work.

Our GitHub code can be found here: github.com/HcashOrg

Please note: code is being uploaded to GitHub progressively; if you find that something from this document is missing from a repository, please check back periodically.

Completed work:


  • Released an Omni branch


  • Completed Hcwallet and Omni API development
  • Released an Omni branch


  • Added paging feature to history page to increase loading speed
  • Fixed the ‘unable to read’ issue that occurs when scanning QR code
  • Fixed the display error that occurs when launching the Chinese version of hcGUI


  • Completed document check for two categories and fixed problems


  • Completed token mapping and hosting upgrade process on Bithumb
  • Completed OMNICORE code porting
  • Completed Omni API development
  • Released hcOMNI RC1 public testnet

HX core

  • Optimised the connection framework for Ethereum ERC20
  • Deployed the HX public testnet

HX Indicator

  • Adjusted parameters for the launch of public testnet
  • Added proposal types


  • Adjusted contract compilation steps

Ongoing work:


  • Debug and test Hcwallet and Omni API


  • Optimise StakeInfoRequest
  • Fix the incorrect unit conversion issue that occurs on the Ticket page
  • Prepare for new versions


  • Fix the problem where data is occasionally unable to be input into the database


  • Check HC documents


  • Follow up token mapping and hosting upgrade process on OKEx

PoW pools

  • Provide technical support to PoW pools such as HuobiPool and BTCC
  • Develop and test Omni wallet
  • Develop and test Omni explorer
  • Optimise and test Omni API

HX core

  • Add multi-signature related API
  • Continue to optimise cross-chain framework for Ethereum
  • Conduct research towards USDT docking

HX Indicator

  • Dock with Ethereum
  • Optimise the mining page


  • Add single step debugger
  • Optimise display of the editing box

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of HCASH.

To stay up to date with information regarding HCASH, or to join our community, check out the following channels:

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Korean Telegram, Korean Announcements, KakaoTalk, Naver Blog

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