UBTC Snapshot Date and Redeem Information Update:

To all Hcash token holders,

The UB foundation will distribute its tokens (UBTC) to Hcash who will then distribute them to its mobile wallet users after the forthcoming snapshot on the 1st of April.

After receiving these tokens from UBTC, the Hcash team will distribute them to all eligible mobile wallet users.

Please note that Hcash only collects and distributes UBTC tokens for its mobile wallet users. Users holding their tokens on other platforms, wallets, exchanges or services should refer to UB’s announcement.

Snapshot and Distribution details:

  • The HSR snapshot will be taken at approximately 20:00 (UTC+8) on the 1st of April 2018;
  • The exchange rate is set at 100 HSR/1 UBTC

Please Note:

Hcash desktop wallet users will need to refer to the UB website for distribution details. HSR holders who keep HSR on exchanges, platforms and other wallets will need to refer to exchange, platform and wallet policies for distribution details on how they can redeem their airdrop tokens.

Due to the frequent changes of UBTC’s distribution policies, please ensure to keep updated on our social media channels for progress on this matter.

Updated UB airdrop distribution details can be found here

Previous UB airdrop distribution details can be found here

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