The HSR to HC Token Swap on HCASH and HyperPay mobile wallets is occuring!

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Since the HSR network reached block height 938,888, the upgraded HyperCash (HC) mainchain has been running stably now for almost two weeks.

During these two weeks, the HCASH team have conducted technical preparation to ensure, among other things, swap stability. After successfully completing these processes, HCASH have now begun to swap tokens on both the HCASH and HyperPay mobile wallets. Token holders should receive new HC tokens within 48 hours from now.

During the swap, HSR deposit and withdrawal functions on both wallets will be temporarily suspended until completion.

Users who have missed the swap period and still hold HSR tokens on non-supported platforms (i.e. ledger wallets, desktop wallets, unsupported exchanges, etc) may conduct a manual via instructions that will be posted on the website.

are encouraged to deposit their tokens into the HyperPay mobile wallet. The reason for this is that HCASH have created an agreement with HyperPay to periodically continue swapping HSR tokens for those affected users to help ease the swapping process. Users will be able to transfer HSR tokens to the HyperPay mobile wallet after the current swap round has been completed and the HSR deposit function reopens.

Users wishing to participate in the new token swap round can do so by following the following instructions: here (please note instructions are TBA)

HCASH is a dual-chain, dual-token ecosystem comprising of the HyperCash (HC) and HyperExchange (HX) networks. In its ecosystem HyperCash provides a hybrid PoW + PoS consensus mechanism, quantum resistance, and the implementation of a privacy preserving protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof technology), while the HyperExchange enables cross-chain communication and the development of dApps through smart contracts, a BMT protocol, HyperExchange Axis and HyperExchange Indicator.

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