Project Update 2/19/18

We hope our Chinese community members are enjoying their Spring Festival holiday with their families. Next week we will continue providing our weekly introductory educational explanations to give our global community a better understanding of the fundamentals of our blockchain technology, beyond simple hype and buzzwords.

Where we are today:

  • PQ feature tests and codebase refactor complete.
  • Node daemon and CLI wallet software with PQ functionality stable (RC1 — Release Candidate 1)!
  • RC1 Public Testnet being prepared
  • Beta GUI wallet and block explorer under development
  • HSR placeholder swap options under foundation consideration

Where we hope to be next week:

  • Final Public Testnet for RC1
  • Developer community initiative released
  • Mining testing after holiday
  • Exchange engagements begin
  • Foundation swap application development begins

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Telegram China





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