Power to the Community with HyperCash Autonomy!

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Autonomy is a public proposal system, and the platform behind the governance of the HCASH ecosystem. Users can submit and track their own projects and suggestions, to be voted on and discussed by their community, with the potential to be executed and/or funded by HCASH.

Benefiting from the intrinsic properties of its blockchain substructure, the system cannot be censored, is robust and future-proof, ensuring its sustainability in the long term.

Decisions in the HCASH ecosystem are made autonomously, by allowing users to vote using HC tokens to purchase voting tickets. These tickets can then be used to vote for or against an unresolved proposal which has been created by a member of the community.

Autonomy can be found below, along with further information. We recommend getting familiar with Autonomy using the testnet before trying the real thing.

Testnet (no fees): https://testnet-autonomy.h.cash

Mainnet: https://autonomy.h.cash

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of HCASH.

To stay up to date with information regarding HCASH, or to join our community, check out the following channels:

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Korean Telegram, Korean Announcements, KakaoTalk, Naver Blog

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