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Our Public Testnet is Live

To all of our community, we would like to thank you sincerely for your patience and support.

After long hours of coding and testing, the foundation is proud to say that the RC1 Public Testnet is live. With this comes the release of a new and improved Github, where commits to the Testnet are being made. This Github will host the Mainchain code in the future.

Those interested in participating in the RC1 Public Testnet can do so by reviewing the following medium article and its step-by-step instructional guide.

As this is not a placeholder blockchain, the security of the network for users is of the utmost importance to us. We share in the frustration that our community has felt from these delays. However, it is best to lay a solid foundation for the future. The implementation and use of new cryptographic libraries always requires extra precautionary measures and care. These libraries are the most critical component in any blockchain system.

The foundation would like to thank The Hybrid Network community for their contributions in growing the Hcash ecosystem’s technological objectives. The Nucleus team and their developers have migrated there and will be shaping its formation and early growth. With an interest in security including new cryptography and consensus mechanisms they aim to build an inclusive network of independent global developers interested in contributing their existing skills to Blockchain platforms. The Hcash project’s recent development and quality assurance/testing efforts have been coordinated by their contributors. For more information regarding their progress, and Testnet information please visit their website, medium, and aforementioned Github.

Thank you all once again,

The Hcash Foundation

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