Need to enable desktop staking? Here’s how (Mac OS)

The following is 16 steps explaining how users with Macintosh computers can enable staking on their desktop wallets.

Please ensure you follow each point in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1:
Please ensure that your wallet is closed.

Step 2:
Press the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen, type ‘terminal’ and open the ‘’ application.

Step 3:
Type: chflags nohidden ~/Library/ into the terminal app and hit ‘enter’.

Note: This file is necessary to access as it leads to the folder that contains your wallet file.

Step 4:
Go to your desktop, click the ‘Finder’ tab (top left), then click the ‘General’ tab (this tab looks like a light switch), and tick the ‘Hard disks’ box.

Note: After you’ve ticked the ‘Hard disks’ box, your hard drive will appear on your desktop (named: Macintosh HD).

Step 5:
Open the ‘Macintosh HD’ file on your desktop.

Step 6:
Open the ‘users’ file.

Step 7:
Open the file with the house icon (its name is your computers username e.g. David/Greg/etc).

Step 8:
Open the ‘Library’ file.

Step 9:
Open the ‘Application Support’ file.

Step 10:
Open the ‘HShare’ file.

Step 11:
Find the ‘debug.log’ file.

Step 12:
Create a copy of the ‘debug.log’ file.

Step 13:
Rename the copied file to ‘hshare.conf’.

Note: Ensure you rename the file to ‘hshare.conf exactly, as this name and file type is the only way to begin staking.

Step 14:
Open this new document (with text edit), delete all of its content and replace with ‘staking =1’. Then save and close the document.

Step 15:
Wait a few minutes until your wallet shows that it has begun staking.

Note: Check this by hovering your mouse over the green upwards arrow.

Step 16:
Begin staking!

We strongly recommend backing up your wallet after every transaction to ensure the safety of your coins. Additionally, you’ll actually need coins in your wallet to receive staking rewards, and to receive rewards you’ll most likely need to have a significant amount of coins. This is why we suggest joining our mobile PoS mining pool for more consistent returns. There, you’ll be able to receive daily rewards based on the percentage of what you’re staking in the pool.

We hope that this tutorial has helped you clearly understand how to enable staking on a windows Hshare wallet.

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