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Monash University Joint Lab Ring Signature Updates and New HK Polytechnic Lab Opening

It’s become apparent that some of the members of our community are interested in the progress that has occurred during the operation of the Monash University Cryptocurrency Laboratory led by Dr. Joseph Liu.

To clarify, since the inception of the Lab, no members have left. In-fact, over the following month the lab will be joined by another two professors from Switzerland and Germany (one doctorate, and another post-doctorate), one of which is an expert in post quantum cryptography, and both of which have a solid background in Zero-Knowledge-Proof technology.

As a general update, Dr Liu and his team have recently finished their research regarding a new Linkable Ring Signature Scheme with integrated quantum resistance which will be implemented into the network. His work has been approved and they are currently waiting to be published. Once published, we will post it to all of our social media channels.

For those who are unaware, last year Monash University in unison with Dr. Joseph Liu (best known for his 2004 thesis which indirectly led to the creation of Monero’s ‘RingCT’ technology) created a Blockchain development lab, with all findings being used to develop and upgrade the Hcash network.

In order to ensure that the lab has access to any required resources, and to avoid any issues regarding policy, it’s important to note that the lab is funded in fiat (AUD) currency.

In other exciting news, on the 26th of March, another lab focusing on implementing developments to the network and the Blockchain ecosystem will be launched at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A future separate announcement will be made discussing this in more depth.

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