HyperCash (HC) PoW Mining

A User Operation Guide

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The mainchain has been launched and the HCASH Foundation has begun migrating services from the HSR chain to the HC chain. Part of this process involves migrating PoW mining software.

Users who wish to mine via PoW on the HyperCash network can do so by downloading and running ‘Gominer’, a PoW mining client that supports solo and pool mining using CUDA and OpenCL devices. Users can find the link to download the program and operation information from the following link:

For hardcore miners who don’t want to merely mine through a desktop grade GPU are encouraged to review our new range of ASIC mining machines that will be launching soon. Details are currently TBA, however stay tuned to our social media channels for further updates.

The current version of gominer for HC is only available for Linux, however pre-compiled Windows and macOS versions will be available shortly.

For more information regarding HCASH, check out the following channels:

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