HSR Listing on Bithumb!

We are proud and delighted to announce that HSR is being listed on South Korea’s number one cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, including Bithumb Pro!

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There will be a HSR payback promotion to celebrate the listing!

The details of the listing are as follows:

  • Trading scheduled for 6pm on May 3rd [UTC+9]
  • Deposit address opening scheduled for 3pm on May 3rd [UTC+9]

*Listing time is subject to change without notice

*Withdrawals for HSR will be opened at a later date

The details of the promotion are as follows:

During the promotional period, if you deposit and trade HSR, you will receive a 1% payback in the respective cryptocurrency

  • Deposit address open on May 5th until midnight [UTC+9]
  • Trading period on May 9th until midnight [UTC+9]
  • Payback date scheduled for May 25th

A big thank you to Bithumb for listing HSR, and to our community for your ongoing feedback and support!

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