HSR is Listing on HyperPay’s Mobile Wallet

Hcash has been working with different Blockchain communities over the past year, having received ongoing support from members, which we truly appreciate.

We are pleased to announce that HSR is now listing on the HyperPay mobile wallet.

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With this listing, the HyperPay wallet will also enable HSR proof of stake (PoS) mining. In simple terms, PoS mining revenue is automatically obtained on a daily basis, starting 48 hours after a user has transferred HSR to the HyperPay wallet. In addition, the HyperPay wallet also supports the Hcash Foundation’s lock-up periods, for which there are two options. The 90-day period offers a 2.79% return, and the 180-day period offers 5.60%, for the duration of each period respectively.

The HyperPay wallet is an off-chain mobile wallet, with a focus on providing a high level of security, incorporating usability features such as multi-language support (Chinese and English) to both IOS and Android devices. HyperPay offers a global, cryptocurrency payment solution, focusing on an efficient exchange and payment system, supporting mainstream digital and fiat currencies. Going forward, the HyperPay wallet will integrate existing mainstream online payment systems, including the Alipay, Wechat, UnionPay, Visa and Mastercard. HyperPay will also launch services such as an API for online stores, credit loans, and currency loans, aiming to solve all payment types with one wallet.

A variety of functions have been launched by HyperPay mobile wallet, which include:

● Transactions between 18 mainstream cryptocurrencies;

● High-speed transactions, particularly between trusted addresses, which are almost instant;

● Support for proof of stake (PoS) mining, as well as lock-up periods for three different currencies;

● No transaction fees between HyperPay wallets.

More features are under development, which include:

● A game board, providing entertainment and payment at the same time;

● Online/offline QR code payments;

● A P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchange.

The HyperPay wallet’s currently listed tokens include:


You can download the HyperPay wallet here:https://hyperpay.tech/app_down

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