Hcash Whitepaper Korean Translation Competition Winners!

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The competition has ended successfully and we are ready to announce the 3 winners. It was an exceedingly difficult task to select only 3 out of so many great translations, especially with the added effort that was made to create community engagement. Given the effort the applicants made, some might be disappointed with the results, however please understand that we tried our best to choose the winners as fairly as possible.

Firstly, we will look at the public evaluation. As stated, the scores for this segment were calculated based on the following metrics:

For Facebook:

Likes = 1 point each

Comments = 1 point each

Shares = 5 points each

We converted highest score to 50 points (383 points x 0.13 = 50). We then, used 0.13 as a correction value, and applied it to each score.

Secondly, we set up the five criteria to evaluate translations.

1. Understanding of the whitepaper: How much understanding of the whitepaper the translator shows.

2. Ability to compose sentences: Having understood the English whitepaper, how well the translator translates and composes sentences in Korean.

3. Ability to find appropriate words: How well the translator chooses words which appropriately convey the original text.

4. Ability to convey meanings: After deconstructing English sentences, the ability of the translator keep the meaning of concepts in the whitepaper.

5. Communicability: The translation should be relatively easy to read, and should be communicated clearly.

If translator did not finish the translation, they receive penalty points according to how much was incomplete, with a deduction of either -10 or -20 points

More specifically, we divided each criteria into a scale of 5 levels:

Excellent = 10 points

Upper intermediate = 7.5 points

Intermediate = 5 points

Low intermediate = 2.5 points

Poor = 0 points

According to these two groups of criteria, we evaluated translations as follows in the tables below.

1. Community Evaluation

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2. Hcash Team Evaluation

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According to the results, the winners are as follows:

The full list of rankings can be found below

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Once again, we really appreciate your efforts in translating the whitepaper. We would also like to express our gratitude to those who translated the whitepaper, but did not receive a prize.

During this event, we received a lot of helpful feedback from the community. Most of this expressed interest in the creation of events which are more easily accessible to community members with a wider range of abilities, and are less difficult. With this feedback in mind, Hcash will create more future events with more accessible tasks in mind, to be able to include more community members.

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