Hcash Whitepaper Korean Translation Competition

In order to further grow the Korean community, and to help members understand Hcash on a deeper level, we have decided to create a competition, allowing members of our community to translate the Hcash whitepaper into Korean, and then have their entries voted for by their fellow community members, and assessed by a professional panel. Along with the community vote, the Hcash Korea team will assess the accuracy and presentation of the translated whitepaper, and select the most well translated entry. The judgement will include technical experts and professional translators to perform an accurate assessment from all aspects.

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The top three who produce the best and most accurate translations will be awarded prizes in the form of HSR, and will have the opportunity to help Hcash in future translation to help promote the development of the Korean Hcash community. We welcome anyone to participate in this competition, to help enable others to understand Hcash more deeply, and have a chance at winning some prizes. We encourage our community to invite friends with translation skills and/or knowledge about Blockchain technology to also participate!

The Hcash Korean translation competition is divided into two parts for scoring. These are: Translation, and public opinion.

Scoring for the translation aspect will look at the quality and accuracy of the translation. This means that industry-related terminology needs to be correct, punctuation needs to be professional, the formatting should be as consistent as possible with the original, and the translation needs to be clear and concise. Mathematical formulas, pictures, and references that appear in the original text do NOT need to be translated. This section will be judged by the Hcash team working with professional translators.

We will share each entry on the official Hcash Facebook page and the 6th of june. Scoring for the public opinion aspect will look at how many people like, share, and comment on each post, which will be counted at 23:59 (Seoul time) on the 13th of June.


First place: 500HSR

Second place: 200HSR

Third place: 100HSR

Scoring methodology

With a total score of 100 points, the total scores for translation and Public opinion are 50 points each.

The Hcash team will score the white paper translations submitted by participants, based on the evaluations of the translation team, with a possible perfect score of 50 points.

For the public opinion section, participants will receive points depending on what kind of engagement they were able to create with their post. These consist of: 3 points for each share on Facebook, Twitter, and Naver Blog, and one point for every like and comment on each of the platforms.

After the deadline, the Hcash team will check screenshots of each participant’s social media posts, verify them, and then count and score. After this is completed, the person with the highest score in this section will receive 50 points. The second and third places will then be converted into a percentage of the first score and multiplied by 50 for the final score. For example, if the results are 1,000 points for first place, 800 points for second place, and 700 points for third place, then the final score for the first place is 50 points, second place is 40 points (800/1000*50) and third is 35 points (700/1000*50).

Dates and Times (all according to Seoul time)

• Translation submission deadline: 23:59 on June 4th

• Translation to be uploaded to the official Hcash Facebook page: June 6th

• Share/Comment/Like Stage: June 6th to June 18th at 23:59

  • Winners’ scores and rankings published: June 19th


Fill out the form and upload your translated whitepaper here (in the form of a Microsoft word document): https://goo.gl/forms/Fygc2wbKgHCgNsX02

Hcash website: https://h.cash

Hcash Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HcashOfficial

You can follow this flowchart to get a better understanding of how the competition will work.

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