HCASH RC2 Launched Today!

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The coming launch of our new main chain update is the next great leap in the realisation of the original vision for the HCASH ecosystem. In order to ensure the stability of the main chain, HCASH officially launched the RC2 public testnet today.

In order to give the community a better understanding of what the developers have been working on, the source code has been uploaded to GitHub (https://github.com/HcashOrg).

The HC daemon and wallet are all included in this launch, which will undergo internal testing by various exchanges, and is of course, open to the community.

The latest release for the HC daemon is at https://github.com/HcashOrg/hcd and the HcWallet at https://github.com/HcashOrg/hcwallet. The HCASH development team welcome any suggestions for improvements, and the raising of issues through the GitHub issues page.

All users participating in the HCASH RC2 beta can submit issues through the GitHub Issues page. After submission bugs and confirmation by the dev team, the HCASH Foundation will give away rewards according to the risk level of the bug. The maximum reward is set at US $100,000.

You can find a detailed summary of the the updates to the mainnet here.

The RC2 source code and GUI software for both Windows and macOS have been published on our official GitHub. Users are invited to compile from the RC2 source code and submit any bugs and problems to the GitHub issues page. Information in the creation of an issue should include the date, a summary of the problem, steps on how to recreate/validate the issue and suggested solutions (if any).

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After the launch of the updated mainnet, characteristics such as post-quantum cryptographic signatures and the hybrid PoW+PoS consensus mechanism will be implemented. Going forward, HC will focus on the development of ASIC resistance, the HAILP Protocol (HCASH AI Lighting Protocol), Privacy preserving technology, atomic swaps, and other cutting- edge technologies to ensure a highly secure and efficient blockchain.

The two chains; HyperCash (HC) and HyperExchange (HX) serve to provide an interlinked, bifocal dual-token, dual-chain ecosystem, aiming to solve interconnectability, privacy and security issues prevalent in the current blockchain ecosystem.

More code updates will continue to be released to the HCASH GitHub as development continues.

All are welcome to join the HCASH developers Telegram group:

https://t.me/hcdevelopers (English)

https://t.me/hc_dev (Chinese)

Thank you for your support!

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