Hcash Korean Community Suggestions

In order to better develop the Hcash Korean community, we encourage our community members to provide suggestions and proposals. We will therefore create a suggestion reward program, with details listed below.

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To participate: Please fill out the form at https://bit.ly/2IFFaEz

Time and Date: Beginning 14th May after the official announcement, and ending 16th May at 6pm (UTC+9), Winners announced 18th May

Objective: To take suggestions and proposals, to help with the development of the Korean Hcash community.


1st place: 20 HSR

2nd place: 10 HSR

3rd — 5th places: 5 HSR each

We will try our best to implement the selected suggestions and/or proposals to better our community.

In the case of community members raising the same proposal, whoever made the suggestion first will be the winner.

Korean Hcash Telegarm channel: https://t.me/HcashKoreanCommunity

Korean Hcash KakaoTalk channel: https://open.kakao.com/o/g7oeioM

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