Hcash Korean Community Suggestion Winners!

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The competition has ended and we’re ready to announce the 5 winners from Kaokao talk who have provided the most meaningful suggestions. Before we begin, we’d like to thank these members for taking the time to help better our Korean community and we hope to see more active participation from you in the future. To all those who entered but didn’t win, we still highly appreciate your feedback and will do our best to implement your suggestions.

Our five winners are:

  • Turn Hcash into a Humanistic, Honorable and Happy alternative.
  • Humanistic Cash: Create a charity, with HSR being the denominated donation currency. Give back to the community that helped form your company. This will not only create positive advertisement opportunities but will help others who are in need.
  • Honorable Cash: Create VIP incentives for those who hold large amounts of HSR. In the same way that banks issuing credit cards offer incentives for those who spend or accumulate points, do the same for Hcash. Examples could be discounts or tickets to Blockchain events, or sponsorship’s to Blockchain related workshops.
  • Happy Cash: Reward those who hold cash for the long term. Provide more community wide airdrops and incentivize users to stay and hold.
  • Viral marketing rewards: Create a competition whereby users who like Hcash’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages and get involved with the community are rewarded in some way. This could help create a more engaged and vibrant community.
  • More transparency in terms of development and executive decisions: To help create more trust and enthusiasm in the community, please make more posts related to the developers and executives working on Hcash. For example, create blogs, videos and other pieces of information that users can see.
  • Create an official announcement telegram group: To ensure that important information stays and doesn’t get lost in small talk, create an official announcement room which only hosts new official information.
  • Create a foundation of support through acknowledgement and incentivisation: Support more users who believe in the Hcash vision and direction, thereby creating a foundation of support. Acknowledge dedicated and passionate users. Members should also be encouraged to make and share information about Hcash and correct wrong information. An incentivisation structure could also be created to support a positive flow of information, thus allowing FUD to fade away.
  • Create an advertising campaign showing what Hcash’s goal is: Create an advertising promotion displaying the goal and direction of Hcash. Users want to know what their goal is, what they want to create in the real world and how it can be practically used.
  • Create more academic strategic partnerships: Create a strategic relationship with Seoul-national University or other local high-ranking universities. Provide scholarships, technical support or other Blockchain-related incentives. A community with academics and professionals would enable technical information to be broken down and understood easier. Additionally, this would help create a more informed community.

Hcash is proud to say that it will try its best to implement the selected suggestions to better our community and create a more harmonious environment.

We once again thank each and every one of those who provided suggestions and we hope to hear from you again soon.

Korean Hcash Telegarm channel: https://t.me/HcashKoreanCommunity

Korean Hcash KakaoTalk channel: https://open.kakao.com/o/g7oeioM

For more information regarding Hcash, check out the following channels:

Website, Github, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit

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