HCASH in Vietnam — Operations Opening Soon

Angels, Awareness and a New Beginning

Recently, members of HCASH including Andrew Wasylewicz, Adam Geri and Abir Saguer went to Vietnam to understand more about the new wave of blockchain fanaticism that’s slowly rising out of the bustling South-East Asian country.

Their first stop in the coastal-country led them to the ‘blockchain angels’; a female blockchain empowerment movement, whose main goal is to both increase the amount of women utilising cryptocurrencies and push for its mass adoption by 2025.

Led by Vy Hua — a veteran solutions architect and previous technical director for EMURGO, an R&D center focusing on Cardano’s blockchain technology — and Lynn Hoang — an experienced blockchain project director and startup originator — it’s clear that the pair, while extremely experienced, have taken it upon themselves to achieve a highly ambitious and exciting goal, thus when given the opportunity to participate and sponsor their upcoming seminar, HCASH couldn’t refuse.

The Seminar took place on the 28th of July, marketing itself as a ‘Free Blockchain Seminar for 1000 Women’, providing education and general awareness for Vietnamese women. During the event, the speakers covered such topics as: Introduction to Blockchain, Blockchain Hype & Hope, The Technology of Blockchain and concluded with a panel discussion regarding what exactly women’s roles within the industry are and will look like in the future.

This interesting and unique Seminar left the team looking for more, thus they continued on with their exploration.

Their second stop occurred on 29th July, and led to a conference called ‘Now or Never’, hosted by the blockchain services firm ‘iblockchain’.

Now or Never premiered as one of Vietnam’s largest blockchain training events, and hosted world-renowned blockchain projects and experts.

During its time at the event, HCASH was given the opportunity to discuss the impact of blockchain technology on the world, introduce HCASH and its vision, and announce HyperCash, its newly implemented network which acts as the backbone of the HCASH ecosystem, providing a Hybrid PoW + PoS consensus mechanism, quantum resistance, and privacy preserving protocols to its users.

Through this, HCASH was able to meet a new audience of potential users comprised of people who are just now catching on to the idea of blockchain technology and its applications. Many people before and after the event came up to our booth and queried us on what HCASH will provide outside of our stated goals, and other thought-provoking questions.

The event, which was a stunning success, highlighted to us just how excited, innovative and eagre people living in Vietnam are to be involved with Blockchain technology.

Because of this, HCASH have decided to take advantage of this new opportunity and expand its operations to Vietnam, with a new office opening soon. In the future, we hope to connect more with the Vietnamese people, helping them overcome blockchain information gaps and spreading our vision through initiatives such as deploying a locally based team, attending further conferences and events, and other ad-hoc campaigns.

Overall, the trip was an overwhelming success, leaving quite the impression on the team. It appears that this tropical coastline country is certainly more than meets the eye in terms of innovation, and in the future, we’re sure that the world will hear more of what Vietnam has to say.

HCASH is a dual-chain, dual-token ecosystem comprising of the HyperCash (HC) and HyperExchange (HX) networks. In its ecosystem HyperCash provides a hybrid PoW + PoS consensus mechanism, quantum resistance, and the implementation of a privacy preserving protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof technology), while the HyperExchange enables cross-chain communication and the development of dApps through smart contracts, a BMT protocol, HyperExchange Axis and HyperExchange Indicator.

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