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The following is a brief report from the Hcash team regarding recent events and miscellaneous news. The document itself is comprised of information regarding exchange updates, international developments and information from consensus 2018.

Hcash would like to thank all invested members for their tireless efforts.

Exchange Update:

Following many discussions and negotiations, Hcash is proud to say that Hshare will soon be listed on Changelly. Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to ‘instantly and seamlessly exchange over 90 alt-coins at the best market rate’. Users on the Changelly platform do not need to first swap their alt-coins into Bitcoin or Ethereum, they can go directly from alt-coin to alt-coin.

The team is pleased with the outcome and they will be doing their best in the following weeks and months to secure more exchange agreements.

International Community Development:

As announced, Hcash selected their Korean Community Suggestion Winners. Once again, we’d like to thank all of the community members who took time in sending over 40 suggestions on how to improve Hcash.

Following the competition Hcash will do its best to implement all suggestions provided (with priorities placed on the five winning suggestions) and will do its best to create a more positive and harmonious community.

As a recap, the winners in order are:

1. 최종병기쉐어;

2. Moonlike (tied with 11$);

3. 11$ (tied with Moonlike);

4. Samhlee; and

5. SuperA

Andrew at Consensus 2018:

As announced in the previous community update, Hcash’s Business Development Manager (BDM) Andrew Wasylewicz and other members of Hcash attended as delegates from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), hoping to promote the talent and potential in Australia and to go out and forge connections with other leading Australian and international Blockchain companies.

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At the event, Andrew and the other 31 selected companies attended and forged bonds with representatives from exchanges, relevant businesses, academics, Blockchain figures and more. To help strengthen its international and domestic operations and image, Hcash will be working more with these new friends over the coming months in an effort to increase its offerings and become a more competitive token.

Thanks to each and every contributor working on this project! Every contributor’s role is critical to the ongoing improvement and adoption of decentralized technology and the ecosystem wouldn’t be where it is today without you!

For more information regarding Hcash, check out the following channels:

Website, Github, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit

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