Hcash AI Lightning Protocol mainnet hardfork

Hcash AI Lightning Protocol mainnet hardfork
Hardfork blockheight:475200

Hardfork estimated time:20:00:00, November 8th 2020

Target:deploy Hcash AI lightning protocol(HAILP) and adjust the block reward.

Exchange rules:

1, Stop HC deposit and withdrawal function 24 hours or more ahead of 475200 block height.
2, Around the height of 475200,Upgrade hcd ,hcwallet to V3.0.0 from https://github.com/HcashOrg/hcd/releases
3, After 24 hours operation, open deposit and withdrawal functions.
4, Mainnet upgrade complete

Miner rules:
1, Upgrade hcd ,hcwallet to V3.0.0 before height of 475200 from https://github.com/HcashOrg/hcd/releases.
2, It will automaticlly deploy HAILP when reaching height of 475200.
3, Mainnet upgrade complete.

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