HC to be listed on ZBG and HC Skyrocket event available on 29 July

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We are proud and delighted to announce that HC is to be listed on ZBG, and HC/QC ticker will be available at 3 pm (GMT+8) on July 29.

There will be an HC purchase promotion to celebrate the listing! “HC Price Limits Mechanism” will be open up. The event period: 29/7/2019–7/8/2019.

Rules and Terms of “HC Price Limits Mechanism”:

1. During the activity, the daily price fluctuation limit is around 10%.

2. The trading market will be closed when reaching the threshold, and subscriptions will be renewed at 15:00 on the next day.

3. Considering the fairness in activities, ZBG will withdraw all the HC/QC trading orders before the next day’s purchase. Users need to place new orders when trading starts the next day.

4. The maximum sale/purchase limit is 0.1 HC per order.

Please refer to ZBG’s announcement for further details: https://zbg.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033153114-Announcement-on-HC-listing-and-HC-Skyrocket-event-

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