⚠ DO NOT Send HSR From Exchanges for Burning — You WILL Lose Your Tokens (How to do it Properly).

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We have come across the issue of some users mistakenly sending their HSR directly from exchanges to the HSR->HC swap address.

We are informing our users that this will result in the loss of the sent tokens. This is stated in the risk warning, on the first page of the swap tool.

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The correct way to withdraw tokens is via the following process:

Set up a HSR wallet

(Windows instructions: https://medium.com/@media_30378/new-to-setting-up-a-hcash-wallet-windows-os-bb09969ac7cd)

(macOS instructions: https://medium.com/@media_30378/now-to-setting-up-a-hcash-wallet-mac-os-c4ef6e2ad59d)

From the exchange, send your HSR there.

After this, follow the swap instructions below:


For help signing your message, refer to this tutorial: (https://medium.com/@media_30378/hshare-hsr-sign-message-tutorial-68cf019962d3)

If you have mistakenly sent tokens to the burning address, please contact the exchange you have sent it from — they MAY be able to produce a signature for you using your original HSR address and the TxID, but this is not guaranteed.

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