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Developer Update — 14/03/2018

The following is a brief report from developers and contributors working on the public testnet (RC1). The document itself is comprised of current issues being solved, subsequent steps once those issues have been resolved, and details of previous completed issues.

Hcash would like to thank all invested developers and community members for their tremendous efforts in the successful launch and public testing of RC1

  • Testing the security, stability and reliability of the RC1 test network to determine production deployment viability
  • Developing improvements for the staking cross-platform desktop GUI wallet
  • Building an alpha version of the mobile wallet
  • Improving the block explorer UX to highlight postquantum functionality
  • Improving the stakepool for increased stability
  • Exploring new mining software
  • Building up the developer community (this week several enthusiastic contributors joined the keybase! If you think you can contribute, please come and join the conversation, found here)

Hxd (Node daemon for Hx):

  • Testing the RC1 test network Hxwallet (The CLI wallet for Hx)
  • Testing postquantum functionality in RC1

Hxify (GUI desktop wallet for Hx):

  • Working on the auto-enrolment feature in the stakepool
  • Simplifying the UX
  • Adding UI refinements to the Hx Mobile Wallet
  • Forking copay and determining the feature scope
  • Development team formation
  • Working towards releasing the alpha version of the new roadmap

Hxplorer (Block explorer for Hx):

  • Adding a highlighting feature for postquantum addresses and transactions
  • Adding data visualization for postquantum balances and activity
  • Improving the mobile user experience

Cleaning up the UX and UI for StakeHx (The stakepool for Hx):

  • Redesigning stakepool interface

Improving wallet redundancy for HxFaucet (The testnet faucet for Hx):

  • Redesigning the faucet interface
  • If no major issues are found in RC1, we will proceed as stated in the alpha version of the new roadmap
  • Continue wallet, explorer and stakepool improvements
  • Begin lightning network daemon implementation
  • Alternative node implementations

Explore SPV solutions and contributions to decred and the hx projects Hxd (Node daemon for Hx):

Release main chain version of RC1 Hxwallet (CLI wallet for Hx)

  • Release main chain version of RC1
  • Add multisig functionality for postquantum addresses

Add staking functionality for postquantum addresses in Hxify (GUI desktop wallet for Hx):

  • Improve staking UX

Improve postquantum address interfaces and functionality for the Hx Mobile Wallet, including:

  • Launching an alpha release
  • Enabling mobile multisig functionality
  • Enabling mobile staking

Hxplorer (The block explorer for Hx):

  • Implementing new data visualization options

Browse stakepools for StakeHx (Stakepool for Hx):

  • Implement a User vote selection within the stakepool
  • Increase the stakepool options in HxFaucet (Testnet faucet for Hx)
  • Launch a final release
  • Tested hcashorg and hcashd for Bitcoin-NG (NG) and QR functionality
  • Identified critical missing functionality in the NG implementation which, after an in-depth review does not appear fixable within a reasonable time frame

Assessed options to move forward without NG:

Considerations and Circumstances:

  • Removing NG from the hcashd repo would be time consuming and risky
  • Re-implementing QR functionality in the latest decred version would be time consuming due to numerous refactors in the dcrd codebase
  • Hcashd was improperly forked and had not acknowledged Decred’s contributions adequately
  • Hcashd had not forked decred at a stable release version

Outcome and Strategy:

  • Fork decred at commit version used for original QR implementation
  • Re-implement QR functionality

Rebase to major decred release version; Motivation and Rationale:

  • A proper fork gives credit to decred and gives the Hx project a critical advantage of merging upstream commits from btcd and dcrd and contributing compatible PR’s upstream
  • Rebasing to a major release version adds stability for the initial launch of this project

Ensured that if NG is implemented it does not affect the security or stability of this project’s Execution:

  • Fork decred from commit 855305962a910e327b20fbb7f61648b68a7f6122
  • Implement postquantum functionality as done in hcashd
  • Rebase to upstream version 1.1.0
  • Fork and improve the BLISS library to support postquantum functionality
  • Close remaining identified security issues from PQ implementation and rebase
  • Deployed current RC1 version for testing
  • Completed alpha versions of desktop GUI wallet, stakepool, testnet faucet and block explorer

Hxd (Node daemon for Hx):

  • Forked dcrd with proper attribution
  • Implemented Blockchain logic to handle validating BLISS addresses, signatures and scripts
  • Rebased fork up to release 1.1.0
  • Added security fixes to the BLISS implementation
  • Activated OP codes required for lightning network functionality
  • Activated v2 staking algorithm

Deployed the RC1 testnet to determine the viability for main chain release — Hxwallet (CLI wallet for Hx):

  • Forked dcrwallet with proper attribution
  • Implemented the BLISS signature scheme to generate quantum resistant keys and addresses

Added wallet logic to handle constructing scripts with BLISS keys and signatures for Hxify (the GUI desktop wallet for Hx):

  • Forked decrediton
  • Redesigned the UI and UX for Hx
  • Added support for BLISS signature scheme addresses
  • Improved steps to handle seeds when creating new wallets

Released binaries for the alpha version of the Hx Mobile Wallet:

  • Team assigned
  • Codebase selected
  • Modifications mapped
  • Timeline determined

Hxplorer (The block explorer for Hx):

  • Forked insight
  • Added necessary API modifications for handling postquantum addresses
  • Detected and displayed transactions and addresses featuring quantum resistance
  • Updated the UX and UI for Hx
  • Deployed explorer for testnet

Stake Hx (The stakepool for Hx):

  • Forked dcrstakepool
  • Redesigned the UX and UI for The Hybrid Network
  • Modified parameters for Hx
  • Deployed the alpha version for Hx RC1 testnet use

HxFaucet (The testnet faucet for Hx):

  • Forked testnetfaucet
  • Modified parameters for Hx
  • Redesigned the UX and UI for The Hybrid Network
  • Deployed the alpha version for Hx RC1 testnet use

Thanks to each and every contributor working on this project! Every contributor’s role is critical to the ongoing improvement and adoption of decentralized technology and the ecosystem wouldn’t be where it is today without you!

If you are interested in contributing code, design, translations or engagement please visit the Hybrid Network’s Keybase chat or submit a PR to GitHub!

If you have any technical questions, or would like to contribute, then please join the Hybrid Network.

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