Community Update — 08/05/2018

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The following is a brief report from the Hcash team regarding recent events and miscellaneous news. The document itself is comprised of information regarding exchange updates, international developments and consensus 2018.

Hcash would like to thank all invested members for their tireless efforts.

Hshare has been listed on Bithumb following many discussions and negotiations, leading to a great start to our Korean expansion. For those who don’t know, Bithumb is one of Korea’s largest trading exchanges, promoting trading pairs of cryptocurrencies to the Korean Won.

The team is pleased with the outcome and they will be doing their best in the following weeks and months to secure more exchange agreements.

HSR/USDT trading has also begun through kucoin’s exchange, enabling more versatility and liquidity to traders worldwide.

Following information from our previous update, Andrew and the team have continued to make substantial progress within South Korea and have recently established a support team.

Included in the development is the launching of new support groups, services and community activities. Specifically:


  • Kaokao Talk;
  • Korean Telegram group; and
  • Naver Café and Blog


  • Part of the new support team’s role will be providing support to issues regarding the mobile wallet and desktop wallet. Technical specific training has begun.


  • New Hcash community members and enthusiasts will be encouraged to come and join the conversation, learning more about Hcash technology, its team and vision. Part of this will take place at regular meetups for Hcash and other communities to connect and help build a more active Blockchain presence;
  • Hcash will host future Blockchain workshops to provide updates on Hcash information and development

This year Austrade, in partnership with ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association), Data61 and the state government of NSW will host several Blockchain technology companies to attend Consensus. Taking a break from Korea after the establishment of the new team, Andrew will be attending the conference as a member of the official Australian delegation.

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To help increase Australia’s presence at the front of this new industry, Andrew and other selected companies will use time at the conference to build strategic relationships with leading Blockchain figures, investment firms, academic institutions and policy groups.

Always looking to expand and improve upon itself, Hcash will effectively use time there to forge those connections and expand its presence.

Thanks to each and every contributor working on this project! Every contributor’s role is critical to the ongoing improvement and adoption of decentralized technology and the ecosystem wouldn’t be where it is today without you!

For more information regarding Hcash, check out the following channels:

Website, Github, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit

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