‘CHAINERS 2018’ Ticket Lottery Event Winner Announcement!

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We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have added us as your friend in Naver blog. Thanks to your support, our Hcash Naver blog is becoming more active. We look forward to sharing more contents and information with you via our channel in the future.

The total number of participants in the ticket lottery event was 53. We randomly selected 2 winners. The winners are:



If you are a winner, please send your name and mobile number to our official Naver account. Tickets can be picked up after confirming your name and mobile number at the registration desk at 'Chainers 2018' venue. If you have any difficulties in getting tickets, please contact the administrator through our Kakao Talk channel or Telegram channel and we will provide the needed assistance.

The 'Chainers 2018' event will be held for two days during July 1st (Sun) ~ July 2nd(Mon), 08:40-18:00 at the Crystal Ballroom, 3rd floor, Lotte Hotel, Jamsil. There will also be an Hcash booth at the venue, where souvenir will be given out and photo shoots will be taken as well, so please participate.

We picked the winner in a fair manner and you can check the lottery process through the following video. Thank you.


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