Announcing: The HCASH Network Upgrade!

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After almost a year of continuous innovation and hard work, the HCASH team has made leaps and bounds in various aspects of progress.

Through comprehensive testing, the HCASH foundation has decided to upgrade the HCASH main chain at a block height of 938,888, which is estimated to occur around the 8th of August.

The HCASH Mobile Wallet will officially support main chain mapping, assisting users to upgrade their HSR to HyperCash (HC) tokens.

The HyperCash (HC) chain will fully implement quantum resistance, support a hybrid PoW+PoS consensus mechanism and feature a DAO-governed ecosystem.

The HyperExchange (HX) chain will work in parallel with HC, to form an interlinked, bifocal dual-token, dual-chain structure, in order to facilitate the cross-chain transfer of value and smart contract functionality.

In future, the development and advancement of our underlying technology will be achieved in the framework of these two parallel chains, with a mutually beneficial relationship between them.

For further details regarding the exact time of implementation, and other updates, please follow the official HCASH social media and community channels.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

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